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+15 Ways to earn points
Reward your users when they refer a lead, publish a G2/Capterra review, or post on LinkedIn about your SaaS. Take your product to the next level.
Customizable Rewards
1 month free, a voucher, an Amazon card or a premium ambassador badge: reward your ambassadors in the way they deserve.
Easily find their points wallets
Wiink is the unique solution that allow you to engage your customers throught +15 ways.

And what's next?

Everything is going so fast and our ideas are flowing! We release new features every month. Stay tuned!

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B2B Missions

B2B Referral


B2B Reviews

Key features make us different.

Use our CRM to identify your power user, track their performance and missions
UGC library
Centralize all content, analyse performance and reuse the content on your ads, website, product description...
Easily create lists to segment your users, link them to missions and rewards to target your needs
Obtain content right
You have the right on all produced content so you can reuse it wherever you want !
Facilitate your experience by using our Shopify integration. It will be never easy to create a loyalty program.
QR code generation
Add a QR Code of your space in your command to reach your customer at the best moment.