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[Survey] French consumers and loyalty in 2024

What attracts French consumers? And above all, what (really) keeps them loyal to an e-commerce brand?

We surveyed 1,026 French people aged 18 to 55.

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Loyalty Program Inspiration Center

We've compiled the best of our +200 customers' loyalty programs, in an easy-to-read Notion doc you should keep close to you.

You'll find concrete examples of loyalty pages, missions, VIP Tiers, referral offers, rewards, and much more...

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The ultimate guide to loyalty programs

How do you create a program that differentiates you and earns you money? What rewards should you offer? How do you encourage your customers to get involved?

Get +30 free pages of concrete advice, never-before-seen tips, strategies that work.

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11 must-have emails for your loyalty program

A loyalty program alone is not enough. To reach its full potential, it must be combined with relevant and regular email flows!

Okay, but which one to create? When to send them? What subject line?  What body?

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The ultimate checklist for the perfect product sheet

A visitor lands on your product page.

You need to make sure the page is neither too simple nor stuffed with too much information.

So what’s the secret to a successful product detail page?

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32 examples of perfect landing pages for your loyalty program

Launching a loyalty program? Then you need to pay close attention to your sign-up page. A large part of your program's success depends on it. But how to ensure it drives enough conversions?

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