Run seeding campaign with your
customers & influencers.

Product test feature allow you to recruit, manage and send product to your customers & influenceurs.

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Manage your product test campaigns
in one place

Make every product
launch a success

Collect UGC

Use it in ads or on your product sheet.

Collect reviews

Your product is just release on your store, get the first reviews that it can be trusted.

Activate word of mouth

Your users will spread the words on their socials media to create...

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Example of potential rewards with Loyoly

Scale your influence
seeding programs

Capture inbound demand

Recruit your influencers from your database and receive a ton of applications to your product test.

Choose the best way to incentive

Use our templates or create your own rewards to incentivize your customers.

Customizable Referral Program

Fully customize your referral program to stayon-brand with your log, colors and images.

Quick and easy setup. Start grow today


Create programs

Propose product to your users. Add missions

Screenshot of Loyoly's platform to create Product Test programs


Manage applies

Get insight from our technologies that allow you to make the best choice.

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Send products

Send automatically or manually product once users are accepted.

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Analyze program performance and develop sales and brand awareness

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Your customers will commit to your program with great rewards. Use our templates to create them easily

Example of rewards created with Loyoly

What's better than trying?

Improve conversion by rewarding your customers when they create contents or leave reviews

Customers Success Story

"We needed to collect customer UGC to have content that we could put everywhere on our platforms, in our webstories, high enough in the product pages to increase reassurance and boost the conversion rate. We've created missions that will enable our customers to send us content and earn points, which they can then use to access rewards."

Laurence from Blissim


Marketing Digital Manager

Read the case study
Cover of the Blissim case study


User Generated Content


Missions done

Frequently asked questions.

What is a Sampling Campaign?

A sampling campaign is a tailored marketing strategy where businesses distribute free samples of their product to a target audience. This approach allows potential customers to experience the product firsthand, thereby bolstering brand awareness, and potentially spurring sales.

A well-orchestrated sampling campaign is not just about indiscriminate distribution. It involves identifying the right audience, choosing appropriate distribution channels, and collecting and analyzing feedback for future strategies.

It’s an investment in building lasting customer relationships, offering consumers a risk-free way to discover and engage with a new product, enhancing their affinity with the brand, and elevating the likelihood of making a purchase.

What are the Benefits of Sampling Campaigns?

Sampling campaigns beam with a bundle of benefits:

Risk-Free Trial for Consumers: Offering a sneak peek of products, sampling lets consumers try before they buy, eliminating the risk and hesitation tied to trying new products.

Boosts Brand Awareness: It catapults the brand into the spotlight, enhancing visibility and making a memorable impression.

Feedback and Insights: Direct customer interaction fetches invaluable feedback, paving the path for product refinement and personalized marketing strategies.

Enhances Customer Loyalty: A delightful sampling experience can sew seeds of loyalty, encouraging customers to return for more.

Drives Sales: Sampling can grease the wheels of decision-making, nudging satisfied samplers towards purchasing, enhancing the bottom line.

Creates Buzz and Excitement: It stirs conversation and excitement around the brand, potentially going viral in the social media cosmos.

Personal Connection: Establishes a tangible connection with consumers, humanizing the brand and fostering relationships.

What is a Product Sampling Software?

A Product Sampling Software is a digital platform designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of sampling campaigns. It's a handy tool that assists brands in distributing samples to a targeted audience with finesse and precision.

The software meticulously tracks the distribution, monitors customer feedback, and analyzes data to offer actionable insights for future campaigns. It often incorporates features for audience selection, inventory management, and integration with other marketing tools, ensuring a cohesive and well-organized sampling campaign.

Product Sampling Software acts as a comprehensive hub, making the intricate process of product sampling a breezier and more effective endeavor.

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