Who’s behind Loyoly?

Our Vision

At Loyoly, we believe that the traditional top-down brand-to-consumer marketing model is outdated and no longer effective. Consumers crave intimacy and trust, and they turn to their peers for recommendations. That's why we're building a company that completely rethinks the approach to referral programs.

We believe in the power of personalised community building. By creating a space to recruit and engage ambassadors with your brand, you can foster a sense of belonging and connection. Your ambassadors can perform missions, unlock rewards through gamification, and contribute to your brand's growth. This unique approach to peer-to-peer advertising increases market voice, engagement, and social conversion.

At Loyoly, we believe in the power of the individual consumer. That's why we're shifting from a brand-centric focus to a customer-centric one. By recognising and valuing the needs of your customers, you can build sustainable and effective ways to acquire and retain them.

Join us in this movement towards a more customer-centric approach to marketing. Together, we can turn your community into a growth engine and pave the way for a brighter future for your brand.






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The full Loyoly team

Meet the team behind Loyoly

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Photo of Joseph Aubry
Joseph Aubry
Co-founder - CEO
Photo of Thomas Guibert
Thomas Guibert
Co-founder - COO
Photo of Thierry Girod
Thierry Girod
Co-founder - CTO
Photo of Arthur Régnier
Arthur Regnier
Head of Growth
Photo of Florian Auffret
Florian Auffret
Content manager
Photo of Florian Pichard
Florian Pichard
Product designer
Photo of Tom
Full stack developer
Photo of Farah Bahiou
Farah Bahoui
Customer Success Manager

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