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11 must-have emails for your loyalty program

A loyalty & referral program alone is not enough. To reach its full potential, it must be combined with relevant and regular email flows!

Okay, but which e-mails to create? When to send them? What subject line?  What content?

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The ultimate checklist for the perfect product sheet

A visitor lands on your product page.

You need to make sure the page is neither too simple nor stuffed with too much information.

So what’s the secret to a successful product detail page?

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32 examples of perfect landing pages for your loyalty program

Launching a loyalty program? Then you need to pay close attention to your sign-up page. A large part of your program's success depends on it. But how to ensure it drives enough conversions?

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13 solutions to take your e-commerce to the next level

E-commerce is the wild west: unpredictable, exciting and full of opportunities. It's all about constant adaptation, innovation and reinvention. So, is there a secret recipe? Well, if there is, it's not just one ingredient. It's 13!

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The 150 best tools for your e-commerce store

There are thousands of tools for e-commerce websites. And they all claim to be the best... So we've sorted them out for you. Description, prices, strengths... We tell you everything.

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Top 10 e-commerce best practices 2023

Discover the e-book on the Top 10 best practices for an e-commerce website in 2023 co-created with Karmen, Datashake and Loyoly.

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