Finally, an attractive loyalty & referral program.

Win your customers loyalty by building a rewards program that allows you to get more from them.

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Fast-growing brands use Loyoly to power their loyalty program

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Turn first-time customers into repeat sales

We develop a large range of ways to earn points and generate a sustainable growth.

Why choose Loyoly for your loyalty program?

Supercharge your program with these unique features.

Customizable Rewards

Incentivize your customers.
Use our templates or create your own.

Examples of rewards created with Loyoly

Easily find their points wallets

With our customer’s account module your customers are always up to date about the points they earned.

Screenshot of customer loyalty points wallet

Increase loyalty with a unique VIP programs

Set up milestones to achieve VIP status

Choose between $ or points

Calendar year vs. Lifetime

Add rewards & benefits

Choose points

Examples of current and archived loyalty missions

Reward your customers for completed referrals

A 1-click referral module deployed instantly on your e-commerce website

Easy to understand on-site module

Streamline the process for users to access
and use referral rewards, making it
effortless and user-friendly

Screenshot of referral offers

Ways to incentive

Choose between discount, voucher or points to reward your customers.

Examples of rewards created with Loyoly

Referral analytics

Stay updated on the perfomance of your referral campaigns through our user-friendly dashboard.

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What's better than trying?

Improve conversion by rewarding your customers when they create contents or leave reviews

Customers Success Story

"Thanks to Loyoly, we've engaged our community. We were able to reuse the content in our advertising and divide our acquisition costs by 2."

Laurence from Blissim




Reviews Collected


Contents generated

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Loyalty and Referral Program?

A loyalty and referral program is a structured marketing strategy designed to encourage customers to remain loyal to a company. Loyalty programs are meticulously crafted to reward repeated business, offering tangible incentives such as discounts, rewards, or exclusive offers to express appreciation for customers’ loyalty.

A loyalty program focus on customer retention, emphasizing the significance of long-lasting relationships and consistent engagement. It provides customers with compelling reasons to return, reinforcing their connection with the brand.

Parallelly, a referral program operates on the principle of word-of-mouth marketing. It leverages the power of satisfied customers to expand the brand’s reach. Participants of a referral program extend the brand's narrative to their personal network, amplifying brand visibility and credibility. As a token of gratitude, referring customers are often bestowed with perks, enhancing their overall customer experience.

Together, loyalty and referral programs operate synergistically to augment customer retention and acquisition, fortifying the brand's position in the market and bolstering its growth trajectory.

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What is a Loyalty and Referral Program Software?

A loyalty and referral program software is a specialized digital platform that automates, manages, and optimizes customer loyalty and referral programs, providing businesses with valuable insights, streamlined operations, and enhanced customer experiences, thereby reinforcing customer retention and advocacy.

This tool meticulously monitors customers' interactions, transactions, and engagements, amassing vital data that paints a lucid portrait of customer behavior and preferences. The software automates the accrual and redemption of rewards, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience for customers, while alleviating the administrative burden on businesses.

Beyond mere automation, loyalty and referral program software is embedded with analytical capabilities. It provides businesses with granular insights into program performance, enabling the fine-tuning of strategies for optimal results. It allows for the segmentation of customers, enabling personalized and relevant communication, which enhances customer satisfaction and augments engagement.

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How Do Loyalty Programs Boost Customer Retention?

Loyalty programs stand as a strategic tool that bolster customer retention by cultivating and reinforcing the relationship between consumers and businesses. Through the systematic offering of rewards, discounts, and exclusive benefits, these programs give customers a tangible appreciation for their loyalty. It enhances their overall brand experience and satisfaction.

Loyalty programs heighten the perceived value of the brand. They provide a structured pathway for customers to receive additional value for their purchases, which in turn, positively influences their purchasing behavior. This established cycle of value and reward encourages repeat business, contributing to the steady retention of customers.

Additionally, loyalty programs offer businesses a nuanced perspective into customer preferences and behavior. The data gleaned from these programs allow for tailored marketing efforts, ensuring that offers and communications are relevant and resonant. This relevance further intensifies the bond between the brand and the customer, promoting increased engagement and loyalty.

What are the Best Strategies for Optimizing Loyalty Programs?

A strategic approach can amplify success, transforming a basic rewards system into a potent engine for customer retention and engagement. Here’s a distillation of strategies to elevate your loyalty program.

1. Personalization: Embark on the journey of personalization by tailoring rewards and communications to the unique preferences and behaviors of customers. By ensuring relevance in every interaction, businesses foster a deeper emotional connection, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

2. Multi-tiered Systems: Adopting a multi-tiered approach escalates customer engagement by providing escalating rewards for continued patronage. This structure incites customers to engage more, motivated by the allure of reaching higher tiers with more enticing rewards.

3. Seamless Integration: Integrate the loyalty program seamlessly into the overall customer experience. Ensure that the process of earning and redeeming rewards is effortless and intuitive, minimizing friction and enhancing customer satisfaction.

4. Regular Communication: Maintain a consistent and transparent communication channel with customers regarding the loyalty program. Inform them of their rewards status, upcoming promotions, and any changes to the program, keeping them engaged and informed.

5. Feedback Loop: Establish a robust feedback loop with customers to gain insights into their expectations and perceptions of the loyalty program. Use this feedback to refine and enhance the program, ensuring it continually aligns with customer desires and needs.

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