Finally, an attractive loyalty & referral program.

Win your customers loyalty by building a rewards program that allows you to get more from them.

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Fast-growing brands use Loyoly to power their loyalty program

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Turn first-time customers into repeat sales

We develop a large range of ways to earn points and generate a sustainable growth.

Why choose Loyoly for your loyalty program?

Supercharge your program with these unique features.

Customizable Rewards

Incentivize your customers.
Use our templates or create your own.

Examples of rewards created with Loyoly

Easily find their points wallets

With our customer’s account module your customers are always up to date about the points they earned.

Screenshot of customer loyalty points wallet

Increase loyalty with a unique VIP programs

Set up milestones to achieve VIP status

Choose between $ or points

Calendar year vs. Lifetime

Add rewards & benefits

Choose points

Examples of current and archived loyalty missions

Reward your customers for completed referrals

A 1-click referral module deployed instantly on your e-commerce website

Easy to understand on-site module

Streamline the process for users to access
and use referral rewards, making it
effortless and user-friendly

Screenshot of referral offers

Ways to incentive

Choose between discount, voucher or points to reward your customers.

Examples of rewards created with Loyoly

Referral analytics

Stay updated on the perfomance of your referral campaigns through our user-friendly dashboard.

Screenshot of referral analytics

What's better than trying?

Improve conversion by rewarding your customers when they create contents or leave reviews

Customers Success Story

"Loyoly represents an all-in-one solution that integrates all our social networks (corresponds to the wishes/needs of our target community). We can also create a lot of diversified missions, and make them grow according to the periods of the year or our highlights. Loyoly also offers us an easy-to-use platform, which enabled us to get the program up and running quickly."

Laurence from Blissim


Marketing and Communications Manager

+59K €

Turnover in 9 months


New customers

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