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Learn how La Crème Libre increased its LTV by 150% in 4 months.

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La Crème Libre is a French brand specializing in natural, refillable cosmetics.

It offers a complete range of face, body and hair care products, all designed with respect for the environment and the health of users.

Their products are 100% natural, free from allergens and controversial ingredients, and made in France.

La Crème Libre also stands out for its innovative eco-refill system, which considerably reduces bathroom waste.

Products are available in refillable concrete containers, offering an aesthetic and sustainable alternative to plastic.

This approach reduces the waste generated by traditional packaging by 90%.

Their aim is to provide complete care for the whole family, with simple, effective and sustainable routines.

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Reduce acquisition costs while building loyalty

Increase repeat purchases

Generate customer reviews on and Trustpilot

In 2023, when they switched their loyalty program from to Loyoly, the brand was growing in success.

Their online store was recording 500 to 600 orders per month (a figure that was constantly rising), for an average order value of between €38 and €42.

Despite a 1st loyalty program launched via, only 35% of customers returned to make repeat purchases.

La Crème Libre's objective was to increase this figure to 40% in the coming months.

At the same time, the brand was not equipped with dedicated tools for generating UGC.

The teams tried to collect UGC directly from their most loyal customers, but the results proved too unsatisfactory for the time and energy invested.


168% annual ROI in 4 months

+150% increase in Customer Lifetime Value

+160 customer reviews generated

With Loyoly, La Crème Libre has set up a comprehensive Loyalty & Referral program, enabling them to further engage their community.

Let's take a closer look.

The referral program

First and foremost, La Crème Libre offers an ultra-generous referral program.

The brand offers a €20 voucher for every successful referral, to both referrers and their friends.

All customers have to do is enter their friend's email address, and that's it!

This ultra-easy-to-use system has already generated over €2,200 in additional sales, in just 4 months!

What's more, the average order value of recommended friends is 12% higher than that of existing customers.

La Crème Libre's referral program

The loyalty program

In parallel, La Crème Libre offers a comprehensive and engaging loyalty program.

In addition to offering 1 point for every euro spent, the Made In France brand also offers an exhaustive catalog of missions:

  • follow on Instagram or TikTok
  • post a Story
  • leave a review on their site (via our integration with or on Trustpilot
  • send a before/after photo

These various missions enable their customers to accumulate points, which can then be exchanged for €5, €10 or €15 vouchers.

La Crème Libre's loyalty program

The results

This loyalty program has generated concrete and promising results.

In a 4-month period, La Crème Libre recorded €5,800 in additional sales.

In other words, the program's annual ROI is already 168%, after just 4 months!

A detailed analysis of the program's statistics reveals that customers involved in the program do indeed tend to spend more, and more regularly.

The average repurchase rate for customers who have earned rewards is 56%, more than 4 times higher than for customers who have not.

The AOV has risen by a remarkable 30%, from €38 to €49.3.

Finally, the Customer Lifetime Value of customers who participated in the program is 150% higher than those who didn't (€95 vs. €38 respectively)!

The result is unequivocal.

Finally, thanks to its program, La Crème Libre has managed to collect 167 customer reviews on or Trustpilot.

These are all new social proofs that add reassurance and boost the credibility and notoriety of this fine, committed French brand that we are proud to support.

Since integrating the Loyoly program, we've seen a marked improvement in customer loyalty and commitment. In just a few months, our sales have increased and we've received many positive customer reviews. The referral program has attracted new customers and strengthened our community. We're pleased with the results and are seeing steady progress every month. Loyoly has really improved our approach to loyalty.

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