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By connecting Loyoly to your Shopify store, you can generate and leverage  loyalty and referral programs and influnece program to build trust, drive traffic, increase conversion and generate UGC marketing .

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Create a page on your website from our app and display your program. Add it in your header and capture visitors and returning customers

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Visitors and customers can earn points with their store account.

This allow you to convert visitor into customers and facilitate the experience....

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Incentive visitors and customers by rewarding them.

Loyoly uses Shopify’s discount codes. So choose the reward you want to offer and the way to redeem it.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is a Shopify Referral App?

A referral program is a type of marketing strategy used by businesses to attract new customers and build long-term relationships with their current customers. By offering incentives and rewards, referral programs motivate customers to recommend products and services to their family and friends. Shopify’s Referral App allows store owners to easily create and manage these types of programs, allowing them to reach new audiences while deepening customer loyalty.

How to Create an Effective Referral Program with Shopify?

Creating a successful referral program on Shopify can be done in a few simple steps. Firstly, decide on the type of reward you want to offer your existing customers who refer others. This could include discounts, loyalty points, or exclusive products. You should also decide on the level of reward you will offer for each referral - this could be money off each purchase, free shipping, or free products on larger orders.

You should also provide clear instructions for customers on how to refer people to your store. This could involve sending out referral links that friends and family can use when making purchases. You should also create shareable social media posts promoting your referral program and track progress closely so that you can measure its success.

Advantages of Using Shopify’s Referral App?

An effective referral program has many advantages for businesses using Shopify’s Referral App. Firstly, it increases customer loyalty among existing customers who are incentivized to promote the business through rewards and incentives. By leveraging existing customers' networks, businesses can reach new audiences who may not have otherwise discovered the store.

Referral marketing also helps to build trust and transparency between business owners, customers, and influencers. Customers are more likely to trust the recommendations of friends or family than paid ads, allowing businesses to connect with people in a more personal way.

Challenges in Creating an Effective Referral Program with Shopify?

Although there are many benefits of creating an effective referral program with Shopify’s Referral App, it is important for store owners to be aware of the potential challenges involved. Finding the right balance between incentivizing referrals without overspending can be tricky. Store owners should also be mindful when launching multiple campaigns across different channels as this can be difficult to keep track of.

Store owners must also ensure that all participants are compliant with applicable laws such as GDPR when creating a referral program. For example, customers must be informed about what information they are sharing and consent must be obtained before any promotion takes place.

A referral app is a great way for businesses using Shopify to increase customer loyalty and reach new audiences by leveraging existing customer networks. By offering incentives and rewards through an effective referral program, businesses can increase brand recognition and sales while building trust between business owners, customers, and influencers.

However, it is important for store owners to ensure that they find the right balance between incentivizing referrals without overspending. It is also essential that all participants comply with applicable laws such as GDPR when creating a referral program.