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Why choose Loyoly over Yotpo?

Reward customers who post UGC

Loyoly is the only platform that lets you reward your customers when they create and/or post UGC (photos or videos) on Instagram or TikTok.

You can reward them for a simple like, share or comment under one of your brand's posts. There's no better way to increase your reach.

On top of that, we're the only solution with the technology to automatically check successful completion of these actions.

So you get better quality UGCs, with less effort, in less time.

UGC and customer review samples created with Loyoly
Examples of data tables on the Loyoly platform

A UGC library to centralize all your content

All user-generated content is automatically centralized in your UGC library.

You can filter, view and download them in just a few clicks. You can also see the creator's profile.

What's more, all this content is royalty-free and can be reused as you wish, on your site, your ads, your e-mails, etc.

100% designed for Shopify

Is it better to be a jack-of-all-trades or an expert in one field?

Yotpo opted for the 1st option. They integrate with Woo Commerce, BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce, Salesforce and more.

At Loyoly, we've chosen the 2nd one.
Our platform is 100% designed to integrate natively with Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Our teams are all trained on this platform and have developed real expertise that allows us to build an ambitious roadmap that gets to the heart of things and helps you build irresistible e-commerce stores.

Screenshot of Loyoly's loyalty and referral platform
The full Loyoly team

A jam-packed product roadmap

Yotpo is a heavy machinery with (too?) many features. It's impossible to update and innovate on so many subjects at once.

Yotpo’s product has seen little to no innovation for a couple years.

At Loyoly, we specialize in e-commerce loyalty and referral.

And that's what we're concentrating on for the time being, until we have the ultimate platform.

Loyoly has been consistently delivering new updates on a monthly basis for the past 2 years, with huge plans in 2024 to integrate even further with Shopify..

Ultra-reactive French customer support

Yotpo's customer support is notoriously slow, as they don't have a dedicated team in France.

All Loyoly teams are based in France, in our Paris offices.

They support you from A to Z, starting with a personalized onboarding and guidance.

And if you still have questions, they commit to getting back to you in less than 2 minutes.

Screenshot of Loyoly's loyalty and referral platform

Compare Loyoly vs Yotpo

30+ verified actions
UGC-generating actions
Reviews-generating actions (on all platforms)
Automatic collection of UGC copyrights
UGC Library
Personalized loyalty card in customer account
No-code 100% customizable landing page builder
Built exclusively for Shopify and Shopify Plus
24/7 support
Shopify App Store Ranking

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