10 loyalty program emails you need to try [with tips & examples]

Did you know that the average consumer participates in more than 14 loyalty programs? So it's more important than ever to stand out from the competition. And one of the best tools for doing so is email.
10 loyalty program emails you need to try [with tips & examples]

Did you know that the average consumer participates in more than 14 loyalty programs?

Read this blog post for more statistics about loyalty programs.

So it's more important than ever to stand out from the competition. 

And one of the best tools for doing so is email.

The challenge for your marketing team? Ensuring that your loyalty program emails not only reach inboxes, but also resonate with recipients.

In this article, we break down the 10 most important emails to integrate into your rewards program, and share our tips for maximizing their impact and performance.

And because we know that sometimes what's missing is simply a little inspiration, you'll find emails examples sent by successful brands.

The 10 best loyalty program emails

1. Email for the launch of a new loyalty program

This email acts as the big announcement, the trumpet call for your brand's exciting new venture. 

It should not only inform people that a new loyalty program is about to be set up, but also arouse their interest and encourage them to actively participate. 

It's the perfect opportunity to showcase the advantages, features and exclusivity of your loyalty program, and ensure that customers can't do without it.

6 tips to make these emails a success:

  • Seductive subject line : Write a subject line as exciting as a drum roll, to entice recipients to eagerly open the email.
  • Make it clear : Make sure the email content is clear, concise and thoroughly details the advantages and features of the loyalty program. An obscure message equals no message at all.
  • Visual appeal : Incorporate eye-catching visuals and design that match your brand's aesthetic, so that the email isn't just read, but experienced.
  • Clear call-to-action (CTA) : Incorporate a clear, bold CTA that tells customers how to join the loyalty program. A visible and compelling CTA is the bridge between interest and action.
  • The personal touch : Personalize content to make customers feel valued and recognized. A personal note can turn a generic email into an unique invitation.
  • Highlight benefits : Boldly and succinctly highlight the perks of joining the rewards program. Make sure customers understand the value of the program and join without hesitation.

Example of a loyalty program launch email:

Example of a loyalty program launch email

2. Loyalty program invitation email  

This email is the handshake that connects your company with potential loyalty program members. 

It's a warm, personalized invitation to consumers, offering them a golden opportunity to take part in something rewarding. 

Its purpose is to effectively communicate the exclusivity, advantages and ease of membership of the loyalty program, to entice people to sign up.

5 tips to make these emails a success:

  • Craft a personalized invitation : Make your subscribers feel like VIPs by personalizing the invitation email. Use their name and reference their past interactions with your brand to give an exclusive sentiment to the invitation.
  • Focus on value : Clearly outline the value and advantages of joining the rewards program. Use bullet points or bold text to highlight these crucial details.
  • Instill a sense of urgency : Incorporate elements of urgency by offering time-limited rewards or additional incentives for early enrollment.
  • Use social proof : Use social proof by including UGC, testimonials or quotes from satisfied members, to show potential subscribers the tangible perks of joining the loyalty program.
  • Ease navigation : Make the sign-up process seamless and effortless. Provide direct links and clear instructions in the email to simplify the journey from invitation to sign-up.

Example of a loyalty program invitation email:

Example of a loyalty program invitation email

11 must-have emails for your loyalty program

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3. Loyalty program welcome email  

This email should be the warm hug that welcomes new members to your loyalty program. 

It's the gentle pat that acknowledges their precious decision to join your loyalty bandwagon, making them feel recognized, appreciated and... welcome! 

It lays the foundations for an ongoing relationship between your brand and the customer, setting the tone for future interactions and communications. 

It's the initial step in fostering engagement, offering clarity and accentuating the benefits and features of the loyalty program.

6 tips to make these emails a success:

  • Express your gratitude: Start with a sincere thank you, in recognition of the customer's choice to join your loyalty program. This initial feeling of appreciation sets a positive and privileged tone.
  • Provide clear information: Explain the rewards program in detail, ensuring that new members understand its mechanisms, advantages and how to earn and redeem rewards. Clarity at this stage avoids confusion and promotes engagement.
  • Highlight perks: Highlight the great benefits members can expect. Give them a glimpse of the exclusive world they've just entered, to fuel excitement and anticipation.
  • Offer immediate value: Add a unique welcome offer or bonus points to new members. Immediate value reinforces the advantages of membership and increases satisfaction.
  • Add helpful links: Include useful links and resources related to the loyalty program. Easy access to information improves user experience and satisfaction.
  • Keep communication channels open: Make sure customers know how to get help or ask questions about the loyalty program. Clear communication channels build trust.

Example of loyalty program welcome email:

Example of loyalty program welcome email  

4. Email notification of the next reward level

This email acts as a motivational coach for your loyalty program members. 

It's a friendly nudge that informs people of their proximity to the next reward level, which fuels their enthusiasm and commitment to the loyalty program. 

This email plays a crucial role in improving retention by encouraging customers to interact and buy more, pushing them to take the next step and enjoy greater advantages and rewards.

6 tips to make these emails a success:

  • Clear, concise information: Make it clear how close the customer is to the next reward level, and what additional benefits await. Avoid any ambiguity so that he understands the message and feels motivated to progress.
  • Use visual elements: Use pictorial elements such as progress bars or graphs to visually represent the customer's journey and proximity to the next reward level. A pictorial representation is often more effective and engaging.
  • Emphasize additional perks: Highlight the additional advantages offered by the next reward level. Make them irresistibly attractive, to encourage people to aim for the upgrade.
  • Create a sense of urgency: Present an urgent offer to reach the next reward level faster. This sense of urgency can stimulate immediate action and commitment.
  • Personalize suggestions: Share personalized tips on how customers can reach the next reward level, for example by renewing their purchase or referring a friend. Customized advice makes the email more relevant and actionable.
  • Ensure accessibility: Make sure people can easily access their account or rewards page to view their progress and explore ways to earn more points. Affordability boosts ongoing commitment to the loyalty program.

5. New Tier status achievement email

Think of this email as the standing ovation your customers deserve for reaching a new level of reward. 

It's heartfelt praise that recognizes their loyalty and celebrates their elevated status within the program.

 It's essential that members feel valued and appreciated for their commitment and loyalty, which reinforces their positive association with your brand and program.

6 tips to make these emails a success:

  • Celebrate the achievement: Start the email with an enthusiastic congratulations on the customer's new status. Let your excitement shine through.
  • Detail the new perks: Clearly list the new advantages and perks that come with moving up the ladder. Use attractive language and images to make the rewards sound as fabulous as they are.
  • Encourage continued commitment: Use this as an opportunity to encourage customers to continue their participation in the loyalty program. Suggest they continue to earn points and enjoy their new status.
  • Include a special gift: Show your appreciation by including a privileged gift, discount or free product as part of the upgrade. This gesture reinforces the celebratory tone and adds tangible value to the achievement.
  • Add personalized elements: Give the email a personal touch by using the customer's name and referring to their journey with your brand. Personalization strengthens the bond and amplifies the celebratory message.
  • Provide clear communication channels: Make sure customers know how to get more information about their new status and who to contact with any questions. 

Example of new Tier status achievement email:

Example of Tier status achievement email  

6. Loyalty points and rewards summary email

This email acts as an accountant, regularly informing your customers of their points balance and available rewards. 

It provides a complete summary of points earned, redeemed and remaining balance, as well as other relevant information about their loyalty program membership. 

This email reinforces transparency, keeps subscribers informed and constantly reminds them of the value they are accumulating.

6 tips to make these emails a success:

  • Ensure clarity and conciseness: Present rewards information in a clear, concise and organized way, so people can understand their rewards status at a glance.
  • Use visual elements: Incorporate visual elements such as charts or graphs to represent rewards data effectively and attractively. A visual overview can convey information more effectively and is more likely to be noticed by customers.
  • Highlight other opportunities: Use this opportunity to highlight other ways people can earn or redeem points, to keep them engaged and motivated to interact further with the loyalty program.
  • Personalize the email: As always, personalize the email and tailor the content to their status and rewards history. It will be more relevant, and therefore more engaging.
  • Include a call to action: Incorporate clear calls to action encouraging customers to use their points, discover new offers or make purchases to earn more rewards. 
  • Share exclusive deals: Sweeten the deal by including great offers or bonuses in this monthly (or quarterly) email. These can reinforce the appeal of the email and the loyalty program.

Example of monthly reward summary email:

Example of monthly reward summary email  

7. Reward expiration reminder email  

This email is a timely alert, a gentle tap on customers' shoulders to remind them that their unused rewards are about to expire. 

This one is essential to avoid any dissatisfaction or frustration that might arise if customers unknowingly lose their hard-earned points. 

It underlines your brand's commitment to delivering value and respecting your customers, ensuring that they don't miss out on the rewards they deserve.

5 tips to make these emails a success:

  • Give them time: Make sure the email is sent well in advance of the rewards expiry date, so that customers have plenty of time to redeem their points.
  • Be clear and direct: Clearly state the number of points expiring and the exact expiration date. Clear, straightforward information avoids confusion and enables people to act in due time.
  • Emphasize value: Highlight the value of the rewards they stand to lose, to encourage them to make the most of the points they've accumulated.
  • Propose redemption ideas: Provide suggestions or recommendations for redeeming expiring points, so members can take immediate action.
  • Provide a simple redemption process: Keep the redemption process straightforward and uncomplicated. Include clear instructions and direct links in the email to facilitate redemption.

Example of reward expiration reminder email: 

Example of reward expiration reminder email  

8. Customer win-back email

This re-engagement email gently reaches out to customers who might have drifted away. 

It's like a hot cup of tea, an invitation to rekindle the relationship and remind them of the splendid rewards that await them. 

The aim of this email is to rekindle dormant customers, and entice them to participate and interact with your program again.

4 tips to make these emails a success:

  • Personalize the approach: Personalization is key. All the time. Here, tailor email content based on their past interactions and preferences. 
  • Highlight advantages: Remind customers of exclusive perks, rewards and offers they're missing out on. Make your message attractive and compelling, highlighting the value they can gain by re-engaging with your loyalty program.
  • Propose a special offer: Attract them with a special offer or bonus points reserved exclusively for them. This incentive can be the nudge people need to re-engage with your brand and loyalty program.
  • Show you care: Express genuine interest and care for customers, showing them that they are valued and important to your brand. A little warmth and consideration can go a long way to winning them back.

Example of customer re-engagement email:  

Example of customer re-engagement email  

9. Birthday greeting email

Celebrating your customer's birthday is a classic. But your email will stand out if you do it with genuine warmth and affection.

It deepens the emotional connection between your brand and the customer, showing them he's appreciated and remembered on this special day.

4 tips to make these emails a success:

  • Offer a gift: Include a special offer, discount or free product as a present from your brand. This gesture adds tangible value to your heartfelt wishes, and reinforces customer satisfaction and delight.
  • Make it lively and festive: Design the email with bright, festive visuals and elements that evoke a sense of celebration and joy. A festive look can amplify the sense of happiness emanating from the email.
  • Easy refund process: If you're offering a discount or gift, make sure the redemption process is simple and clear. Provide direct links or clear instructions in the email to avoid any hassle for the customer.
  • Express sincere wishes: Express heartfelt birthday wishes, making the customer feel your brand's sincere joy on this special day. The authenticity is key.

Example of customer birthday email:

Example of customer birthday email 

10. Surprise bonus points email

Why not offer bonus points from time to time? It can be a great way to re-engage dormant customers or boost your champions even further.

It's the unexpected little gift that gives pleasure, the ray of sunshine in your customer's day. 

It's a pleasant surprise that underlines your brand's commitment to rewarding customer loyalty, making them feel recognized and appreciated beyond their expectations.

5 tips to make these emails a success:

  • Maintain the surprise effect: Write the email in such a way as to emphasize the unexpected nature of the bonus points, while preserving the excitement and enchantment.
  • Clarify bonus point details: Be clear and transparent about the amount of bonus points awarded and how they can be used. Clear communication enables customers to fully understand and appreciate the bonus.
  • Make the redemption simple and clear: Provide direct instructions and links on how subscribers can use their surprise bonus points, so the experience is seamless and enjoyable.
  • Explain the reason for the bonus: While preserving the surprise, explain the reason why customers receive the bonus points, whether it's a random act of appreciation or a reward for a specific action, to make the recognition more meaningful.
  • Use attractive visuals: Include captivating, cheerful visuals in the email to reinforce the happy, festive tone of the message.

Example of surprise bonus points email:

Example of surprise bonus points email  

Why are Emails Important in a Customer Loyalty Program?

Let's take a closer look at the essential role played by email in enhancing and maintaining customer loyalty programs:

Personalized communication

Email facilitates tailor-made communication between companies and customers.

Companies can adapt their language, offers and information to the preferences and behaviors of individual subscribers.

Just-in-time and relevant information

It's vital that relevant information is communicated in good time.

Emails are a consistent and reliable way of conveying updates, promotions and news to customers.

They ensure that recipients stay informed about the rewards program, and reinforce the benefits of remaining engaged and active in the program.

Access to exclusive offers

E-mails can be used to offer unique offers and privileges directly to customers.

This not only enhances the appeal of the loyalty program, but also underlines the value placed on customer engagement and loyalty.

It's strategic to emphasize the reciprocal nature of the loyalty program, focusing on the mutual advantages for both company and customer.

Solicit valuable feedback

Email communications provide a streamlined platform for gathering valuable customer information and feedback.

This enables companies to fine-tune their loyalty programs and ensure they remain relevant, attractive and beneficial to subscribers.


The cost advantages of using e-mail within a customer loyalty program are considerable.

Email is a cost-effective communication strategy, enabling companies to maintain and nurture their customer base without incurring exorbitant expenses.

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