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How did Hindbag generate +1.200 new customers in just 9 months?

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+59K €

Turnover in 9 months


New customers


Founded in 2015, Hindbag is an ethical and responsible brand (GOTS-labeled), 100% organic cotton bags and accessories. We collaborate with Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute (SSMI), an Indian NGO working to emancipate women from an underprivileged district of Delhi. These women make our textile accessories in exchange for a wage above the national average, which recognizes their skills, ongoing training and a place at school for their children.


Increase brand awareness

Sponsorship (track word-of-mouth by offering sponsorship codes)

Trigger purchases through the re-assurance of content and reviews from existing customers

In integrating Loyoly into the Hindbag site, they had a number of challenges in mind:

- Create a community of brand ambassadors and engage them around their values.
- Increase brand awareness (positive image around the brand via satisfied customer reviews).
- Trigger purchases through the re-assurance of content and opinions from existing customers (UGC).
- Trigger purchase via a discount based on points earned (no promo code offered on the first order, but customer commitment mechanism).
- Customer loyalty (earn points with purchase to gain discounts and benefits and order again).
- Referrals (track word-of-mouth by offering referral codes).


+59K€ in sales generated through referral

+1000 followers and +130 content and +240 reviews generated in 9 months.

"Loyoly represents an all-in-one solution that integrates all our social networks (corresponds to the wishes/needs of our target community). We can also create a lot of diversified missions, and make them grow according to the periods of the year or our highlights. Loyoly also offers us an easy-to-use platform, which enabled us to get the program up and running quickly."

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