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How to boost sales and improve customer experience with interactive videos?

Interactive videos are powerful marketing levers to boost sales and improve customer experience. What are the best practices you need to know before implementing such a content ? What are the benefits of interactive videos for your business ?
How to boost sales and improve customer experience with interactive videos?

One of the most significant advantages of digital contents is that we can deploy them in so many ways. If your video fits your marketing strategy and your target audience, it can have positive effects such as a good commitment rate or a fine conversion rate.

But did you know that you could go further in terms of user experience with an innovative format ?

We officially present you interactive videos !

What are the benefits of this kind of content ? To what extent interactive videos can help you to differentiate your business from your major competitors ? How to make your customer experience memorable ?

We give you some advice throughout this article !

What are interactive videos ?

The principle of interactive videos is quite simple : your target audience will be able to interact with video footages of their choice.

It’s a brand new experience for users who can look over many video sequences that suit their needs and interests.

Interactive videos are still underexploited by brands.

If you decide to add this type of content in your marketing strategy, you must know that it’s a digital lever that can be very useful for your company image and your sales.

Why do you need to implement interactive videos ?

Interactive videos are a good way to (re)discover a brand and what it can offer to consumers in an immersive way.

They give the ability to users to take control of their customer experience. Indeed, they won’t stay in a passive position.

They will be part of interactive videos instead of being mere spectators.

Moreover, these videos can help your business to reach different goals if they are well prepared. For instance :

  • An increase in sales
  • A higher conversion rate
  • A humanisation of a brand
  • An easier browsing
  • An increase in business revenues

Through this content, each team member speaks directly to consumers. It will strengthen the proximity with them but also the human side that can sometimes be missed in digital contents.

How to make memorable interactive videos for your customer experience ?

Nowadays, brands understand the important role of content marketing and the fact of producing various marketing materials for their target audience.

This is good news because it wasn’t the case before. Some brands were pretty skeptical about content marketing and its impact on consumers.

However, more and more businesses acknowledge the potential of creating contents and now, we are facing a huge number of marketing materials.

But how can a company differentiate itself from its competitors ?

That’s where interactive videos come in !

Consumers can interact with them but they can also have a global view of a brand’s added value.

They have a better understanding of why they should buy a product or a service from your company and not others.

Finally, this format enhances your content marketing strategy. Here are some examples :

  • The interactive video of Maison FT which is a French ready-to-wear brand with an eco-friendly approach (the content is available on its website homepage)
  • The Q&A video of Behind the Skills which is a French video production

Boosting sales with high quality interactive videos

Creating content without any purpose won’t be useful for your marketing strategy.

No matter what kind of marketing material you produce, you have to think about the needs of your target audience and what people expect from your business.

What are the best sellers ? What is the perfect product or service for a particular situation ? Does your company have a philosophy or an engagement you can put an emphasis on ?

If you don’t take into account the interests of your buyer persona, you won’t be able to make a relevant interactive video.

In addition, you will have to define a mind map for your content.

This step is required for the shooting of your interactive video. To do so, we advise you to determine its starting point and the footages that stem from it.

For your mind map, you can get inspired by the needs and interests of your audience or buyer persona.

Additionally, you can rely on popular trends or your brand’s major products. Some details such as delivery time or returning items can be interesting to put in that kind of content.

Of course, creativity is an advantage to make customer experience more memorable.

How to edit interactive videos ?

Creativity is necessary for this format but you will need technical knowledge in video production.

In order to shoot your interactive video, you can contact a video marketing agency like Behind the Skills (it will guide you through the conception of your content).

As mentioned earlier, pre-production is an essential step because you need to think about what your target audience is looking for and the elements to add to your mind map.

A video production company can help you to get the best set up for your interactive content and to edit it during the post-production stage.

How to promote interactive videos ?

Interactive videos can be published on social media but also on websites.

You can upload it on digital channels that fit your webmarketing strategy the most. However, your website is one of the best places where you can release your content.

If you already have implemented an online live chat, you can replace it with an interactive video as you can still communicate with your audience.

In fact, they can write to you and contact you if needed. If you want to keep your online live chat, you can add your interactive video as a complement.

Co-create with your ambassadors and customers to push the experience further

Who said that only team members of a company could appear in an interactive video ? You can ask to your ambassadors and best customers to appear in your content !

The more testimonials you add, the more valuable content you get.

Your customers will have a better idea of the quality of your products or services and what you can offer.

Interactive videos are powerful marketing levers to strengthen customer confidence and boost sales.

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