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How Si Si La Paillette leveraged its fanbase to carry out over 3,500 missions in 1 year!

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At Si Si La Paillette, they think life is more beautiful with glitter! The problem is that glitter is extremely bad for the environment. So they created the first French brand of biodegradable glitter made from plants. Si Si La Paillette is committed to the environment, a more inclusive world, and a more festive world!


Harvest customer UGC for our webstories and product pages to increase reassurance and conversion rates.

Get all the ambassadors together and look at our top ambassadors and be able to select them for certain missions.

- Engage our community throughout the buying process
- We'll be able to offer them missions
- They'll be able to discover content from other customers who've done missions on RS


In 1 month, they collected over 100 reviews (Google and Facebook).

In 1 year: 780 ambassadors, 2600 missions, reach 176K views.

"We needed to collect customer UGC to have content that we could put everywhere on our platforms, in our webstories, high enough in the product pages to increase reassurance and boost the conversion rate. We've created missions that will enable our customers to send us content and earn points, which they can then use to access rewards."

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