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How did So'Cup achieve a positive annual ROI with its loyalty & referral program in 2 months?

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2 months

to reach positive annual ROI


increase in Customer Lifetime Value


So'Cup is an innovative French brand specializing in comfortable, ecological and economical menstrual solutions. And it's all Made in France.

Their goal?

To enable women to regain control over the way they experience their periods.

Their range includes menstrual panties, swimwear and cups, all designed to offer a safe, hygienic and pleasant menstrual experience.

With a strong commitment to health and the environment, So'Cup uses quality materials such as organic cotton and bamboo, which ensure comfort and durability.

Their vision is to combine practicality and elegance, offering products adapted to all flows and morphologies.

So'Cup's ecommerce website


Enhance customer experience & brand image

Improve customer retention

Collect UGC on social media and reviews on Trustpilot

In 2023, when So'Cup joined Loyoly, they had already achieved great success.

Their store was recording between 3,000 and 6,000 orders per month, with an average order value of around €70.

Despite a 1st loyalty program created with Loyalty Lion, only 33% of customers returned to make new orders, for an average number of purchases of only 1.5.

At the same time, So'Cup had no dedicated tools for generating and collecting customer UGC. The teams managed to collect them from their most loyal customers, at the cost of considerable time and energy.

The objective was therefore twofold: to enhance the customer experience to improve retention and re-purchase, and to generate reviews and UGC to boost reinsurance and brand image.


7,000+ additional euros generated via loyalty and referral program in 2 months

47 UGCs and 90 reviews collected on Trustpilot in 2 months

Positive annual ROI in just 2 months

With Loyoly, So'Cup has deployed a clearer, simpler loyalty and referral program that goes further than their previous program, with a playful approach to boot.

Connected to Klaviyo through our native integration, So'Cup was able to personalize and work its brand image right down to the e-mails sent out as part of its program. Open rates and click-throughs have improved as a result.

But what does this new program involve?

Let's start with the "Referral" part.
So'Cup offers a €10 voucher for every successful referral, to both referral and referred customers.

This ultra-easy-to-use system has already generated over €1,000 in additional sales, in just 2 months!

What's more, the average order value for referred friends is 17% higher.

So'Cup Referral program

In parallel, So'Cup offers a holistic loyalty program.

In addition to offering 10 points for every euro spent, the Made In France brand also offers a wide range of missions:

  • follow on Instagram or TikTok
  • publish a story or post on Instagram
  • leave a review on Trustpilot
  • send a UGC (photo or video)

These missions allow you to accumulate points, which can then be redeemed for vouchers or free products.

So'Cup loyalty missions

But that's not all.

To this, So'Cup adds a system of VIP levels.

From "Élégance" to "Prestige" to "Élite", customers can climb the 3 levels of the program, based on the total amount spent.

Each level unlocks additional rewards and benefits, such as free delivery or access to the "Testers' Club".

So'Cup VIP Tiers

All this has generated concrete and promising results.

In just 2 months, So'Cup recorded €7,000 in additional sales. In other words, the program's annual ROI is already positive.

A more detailed analysis of the results shows that customers involved in the program tend to spend more, and more often.

In fact, the average re-purchase rate of customers who have earned rewards is more than 4.5 times higher than that of customers who have not.

The average order value, meanwhile, has risen by a substantial 10%.

Finally, the Lifetime Value of customers who took part in the program is 32% higher than those who didn't (€101.2 vs. €76.2 respectively)!

The result is indisputable.

Finally, thanks to its program, So'Cup managed to collect 47 UGCs and 90 customer reviews on Trustpilot.

These are all new social proofs that add confidence and boost the credibility and notoriety of this fine French brand, which we are proud to partner.

We've only been working with Loyoly for 2 months and we're very satisfied with what they offer. The team is highly available, responsive and full of suggestions. In just 2 months, we've been able to revolutionize our program and the results are growing. Customers appreciate the missions and play along. The 360° dimension has helped us to set us apart in our highly competitive sector. The loyalty program is tailor-made and stands out from all other offers on the market.

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