Launching your communication plan : Our best practices!

Your communication plan is a critical component to the success of your ambassador program. It's cool to have a program, but you have to get people to join it and let them know it exists!
Launching your communication plan : Our best practices!
👉Your communication plan is a critical component to the success of your ambassador program. It's cool to have a program, but you have to get people to join it and let them know it exists! So in this article we give you our best practices for a successful communication plan!

Our 5 Best Practices

1. Take the time to align yourself with your communication goals

We can't repeat it enough, but it's really what determines the rest of your actions. So by taking the time, you can list your priorities and goals and build your communication around them.

  • collect ugc
  • increase engagement on social media / the number of followers
  • increase your reach (make yourself known to new customers/targets)
  • develop your referral (reviews, sponsorship)
  • have a micro-influence strategy

Indeed, different goals require different strategies. Thus the goals that aim to increase your presence on social networks (followers, interaction, reach ...) may have a communication focused on how easy and quick the missions are. Also this communication could be thought in easily shareable formats, so that the future ambassadors themselves can share it in their friends and family, thus increasing the number of potential ambassadors.

On the other hand,the goals that are very commitment-oriented (reviews, ugc, etc.) should have a very educational communication, a clever media and formats thinking and a precise target!

2. Defining your target

The target is also crucial (as always). Of course you know your customer target by heart. But is it the same as your ambassador target? Who among your customers would be the most likely to join your program? And for what reasons would they be willing to do so, or not?

Of course, this will allow you to refine your communication, to make your target identify themselves, to choose the advantages of the program to put forward.

But here, above all, you can decide to have segmented and differentiated communications.

For example, you can plan different communications for your customer ambassadors and your influencer ambassadors.

Different communications according to the geographical area of your ambassadors. According to their interests or according to the product they buy!

3. Choose your (acquisition) channel!

You may have already created a landing page and a recruitment form for your future ambassadors. Then the question quickly arises of how and where to diffuse it?

You can include it in your newsletter, email campaign, share the page on your social networks, in your loyalty programs, etc. Here again you have to look for your future ambassadors where they are.

Depending on your target(s) you will be able to define the most relevant channels and therefore communicate on them!

Of course do not hesitate to diversify them, your targets are certainly in different places on different channels, by following them you’ll greatly increase the chances to reach the maximum!

4. Focus on the benefits

It's a great sign of commitment for a customer to become an ambassador and agree to talk about your brand, so at every step you need to remind them what they can gain.

Highlight the benefits and advantages of your program.

  • Indirect benefits: getting involved, giving their opinion, making their voice count
  • Exclusive benefits: exclusive offers, original and unique experiences...
  • Personal benefits: visibility, creative freedom, expression ...
  • Or material and financial advantages: vouchers, discounts, gift cards, free products ...

5. Make it easy for them, make it clear :

In order to offer them the most pleasant experience, the communication has its role to play.

Explain the concept and the procedure well. To avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointments, be as clear as possible on the stakes of each mission, the conditions of the benefits, the expected results, the deadlines ... Etc.

Some communication ideas

  • Create a special ambassador newsletter

If you already have a newsletter for your customers, you can also create one especially for your ambassadors. This will give you a privileged communication channel with this community and a platform to push your new programs. It will also reinforce the sense of community and exclusivity of the members.

  • Gamify the experience

Moreover, this same newsletter can be the perfect channel to "gamify" the experience of your ambassador program. You could highlight a committed ambassador each month, share with them the most successful, funniest, most performing content...

  • Ask for feedback

Don't neglect the resources you have at hand! Developing a close relationship with your community can be really beneficial. It is a goldmine of information that you can ask for feedback on your products but also on the ambassador program itself. Members could themselves suggest ideas for challenges, answer questionnaires, etc.

  • Micro & Nano-Influence: upcycling your content!

The idea here is to take advantage of every successful program. Even better, every piece of content that makes the buzz. For example if you have a differentiated influencer/customer strategy. It can be smart to ask customers to share or react to the content of an influencer that has made the buzz. This allows for a snowball effect and maximizes the impact! It can be the same for a client's content that is particularly successful, a beautiful photo or a very well constructed video!

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