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How did La Belle Boucle generate nearly €1m through its loyalty program?

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Almost € 1M

extra sales in 7 months


annual ROI in 7 months


La Belle Boucle is a specialist brand of natural products for curly hair.

Their mission: to help you achieve healthy, well-formed curls with a range of products that combine passion and expertise.

Their site offers a wide range of +350 products via 37 partner brands, from shampoos and conditioners to masks, botanical oils and more.

Originally DNVB (and therefore exclusively sold on its e-commerce shop), La Belle Boucle tried its hand at physical retail in 2021, opening its first boutique in Lyon.

Since then, two other "La Belle Boucle Studios" have been opening in Marseille and Paris. And something tells us the list is about to get even longer 🤩

Site web de La Belle Boucle


Create a sexier, smoother Loyalty & Referral program

Gain visibility on program statistics and performance

Generate UGC on and off social media

Initially launched on Instagram in 2017, La Belle Boucle has federated and thrived thanks to a loyal community.

And today, it's a resounding success.

By the time they joined Loyoly six years later, their e-shop was receiving no less than 9,000 orders a month!

To support this growth, the brand needed to renew and expand its Loyalty & Referral program.

Previously managed from Yotpo, the program did not allow them to :

  • accurately monitor program statistics and performance
  • leverage their community to generate UGC and social proof

Their program was also consuming precious time and resources, as it required a lot of back-and-forth with their Customer Support.

In choosing Loyoly, La Belle Boucle had a number of objectives:

  • save time and money
  • offer a sexier program, in line with its brand identity.
  • activate birthday loyalty, in response to strong customer demand
  • collect more UGC for reuse on Instagram and TikTok
  • continue to generate positive reviews on all platforms


4682% annual ROI in 7 months

+969,000 € extra sales generated

+5,000 customer reviews collected

With Loyoly, La Belle Boucle has rolled out a simpler, more comprehensive loyalty and referral program that fits naturally into the customer journey and brand identity.

Connected to Shopify POS, it enables customers to redeem and use their rewards both online and in-store.

An essential element in creating a unified omnichannel customer experience and optimizing community engagement and loyalty.

But what does this new program involve?

Referral scheme

La Belle Boucle offers a 10% discount for all successful referrals, to both referrers and referees.

All the customer has to do is enter her friend's email address, and that's it!

This ultra-easy-to-use system has already generated over €22,200 in additional sales, in just 7 months!

That's impressive, but wait until you read the rest.

Programme de parrainage de La Belle Boucle


In parallel, La Belle Boucle offers a holistic loyalty program.

In addition to offering 1 point for every euro spent, the brand also offers an exhaustive catalog of missions:

  • follow on Instagram or TikTok
  • subscribe to the newsletter
  • share birthday date
  • publish photos or videos on Instagram or TikTok
  • leave a review on Trustpilot or Google
  • send a UGC video

La Belle Boucle's loyalty missions

The results

All of this has generated concrete and (very) promising results.

In 7 months, La Belle Boucle recorded €969,400 of incremental sales.

In other words, the annual ROI of their program is 4682% at mid-year.

Over 16,000 rewards have already been earned. A nice amount, but that's not the KPI we're interested in.

83% of these rewards have been used.

This is a very high rate, demonstrating the strong commitment of La Belle Boucle customers to the program.

A closer look at the results shows that this strong commitment is also reflected in the financial KPIs. Customers committed to the program tend to spend more, and more often.

Indeed, the average re-purchase rate for customers who have earned rewards is 73%, more than 4 times higher than for customers who have not.

Their Customer Lifetime Value is also more than 2 times higher than others (€170.6 vs. €66.9 respectively)!

The figures speak for themselves.

Finally, thanks to this program, La Belle Boucle managed to collect over 5,834 customer reviews on Google, Trustpilot and Yotpo Review, as well as 92 royalty-free UGCs.

And all this in just 7 months.

La Belle Boucle's UGC collected through to Loyoly

These are all new social proofs that add reassurance and boost the credibility and notoriety of this fine French success story, which we are proud to support.

We're very happy with the Loyoly program. Since the beginning of our collaboration, they have been responsive and very attentive to our feedback. Constantly improving, the program now offers more and more interesting features to build customer loyalty. In addition to offering a very attractive program, the Loyoly team remains very responsive and available to support us in our day-to-day work and answer any questions we may have.

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