40 TikTok statistics ecommerce brands need to know in 2024

Are you looking to make a splash on TikTok? Then you're in the right place! We've compiled a comprehensive list of TikTok statistics worldwide to help you navigate the ins and outs of this ever-growing platform. 
40 TikTok statistics ecommerce brands need to know in 2024
TikTok statistics to know in 2023

Overview statistics on TikTok

Founded by the Chinese company ByteDance, TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social networks in the world. In China, TikTok is known as Douyin.

With its user-friendly interface and new algorithmic approach, TikTok has revolutionized the social networking industry. It is estimated to be worth over $250 billion, making it one of the most valuable start-ups in the world.

In 2022, TikTok was the second most downloaded app in the world, with only Instagram beating it to the punch. 

Ranking of the most downloaded apps worldwide - TikTok is 2nd
Statistics on the most downloaded apps worldwide

And that's not all - TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. 

TikTok announced it on its network via a video from its Chief Operating Officer Vanessa Pappas.


✨ 1 billion✨ people on TikTok! Thank you to our global community 🎉

♬ original sound - TikTok

Can you even imagine how many people that is? To put it in perspective, that's over three times the population of the United States! 

According to projections, it is expected that it will have around 2.25 billion users by 2027.

But despite these impressive numbers, TikTok still sits at the 6th most used social platform in the world, behind heavy hitters like Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, and Instagram, all of which boast at least double the monthly active users. 

Ranking on the most used social media - TikTok is 6th
Statistics on the most used social media

TikTok garnered roughly 247 million downloads in the first quarter of 2023 across the world.

However, the highest point was achieved in the first quarter of 2020 when the number of downloads exceeded 313.5 million, showing a remarkable surge of 62.3 percent from the figures recorded in the first quarter of 2019.

Statistics on the number of TikTok downloads per quarter
Statistics on the number of TikTok downloads per quarter

Almost 4 out of 5 users say they use TikTok to search for funny or entertaining content, far ahead of other kinds of activity.

Statistics on the type of activity sought by users by social media
Statistics on the type of activity sought by users by social media

But the real kicker? Users spend an average of 23.5 hours per month on TikTok - that's the equivalent of an entire day! 

That's twice as much as on Instagram, for example.

Statistics on which apps people spend the most time on - TikTok is 1st
Statistics on which apps people spend the most time on

The record holders are Australians and Indonesians, who spend more than 29 hours on it. In France, it's 21.4 hours. 

It's the social network we spend the most time on and it's not about to change anytime soon.

According to Tiktok themselves, 90% of users come on a daily basis.

And WeAreSocial tells us that the average time spent on TiKTok has increased by 19.7% in only 1 year, which represents +3h51min!

TikTok is also the application on which users spend the most, ahead of Youtube, Tinder and Disney+. 

No doubt this is a direct consequence of the development of Live Shopping.

Statistics on which apps people spend the most on - TikTok is 1st
Statistics on which apps people spend the most on

With statistics like these, it's clear that this app is not just a passing trend - it's a powerhouse that's here to stay.

Statistics about TikTok users

As of January 2023, women accounted for roughly 54 percent of TikTok's worldwide user base, while men made up around 46 percent of the platform's total users.

In France, the breakdown is roughly the same. 53% of the 21 million French users were women.

The average age of TikTok users is increasing worldwide.

In January 2023, 38.9% of users were between 18 and 24 years old (21.5% women and 17,4% men).

Statistics about TikTok ads audience profile
Statistics about TikTok ads audience profile

For comparison, 18-24 year olds represented the majority of users in September 2022.

This means that TikTok is becoming more democratic. It's no longer just a platform for Generation Z. This is now a cross-generational application that enables brands to reach audiences of all age groups.

In the US, 41% of social media users use TikTok (across all ages). 

This figure rises to 67% for 18-19 year olds, and 56% for 20-29 year olds.

Statistics on the usage rate of TikTok among US social media users
Statistics on the usage rate of TikTok among US social media users

Where do TikTok users come from ?

According to the latest statistics as of January 2023, TikTok's largest user base is in the United States, with an estimated 113 million users engaging with the platform.

Indonesia comes in second place with approximately 110 million users, while Brazil ranks third with almost 82 million users enjoying the app's short-form videos.

These numbers illustrate the broad appeal and widespread reach of TikTok across the world, with users from different countries actively participating in the platform's content creation and consumption.

What about TikTok influencers ?

According to the latest data, by 2021, half of the TikTok influencers worldwide (50.51%) had between 1,000 and 5,000 followers.

Then, 29.93% had between 5,000 and 20,000 followers. And 15.2% had between 20,000 and 100,000 followers.

The average global engagement rate with TikTok influencers content is 15.86%.

Statistics about TikTok posted content

Go full screen

This is a tip by TikTok themselves! 

If you want your videos to perform better on the app, remember to always think vertically!

That's right, videos shot in a vertical format see a whopping 40.1% increase in impressions compared to videos using a square or horizontal aspect ratio. 

So, next time you're filming, turn your phone sideways and shoot in portrait mode. Your viewers will thank you for it!

And, also be sure to remove any black space. According to TiKTok, videos that fill the entire screen can see a whopping 60.5% increase in impressions

But no need to stress about editing, just use the TikTok creative tools available in the app.

So go ahead and make the most out of your vertical real estate!

Ensure quality

Then, videos that have a resolution of 720p or higher receive, on average, 5.4% more impressions

That might not sound like much, but it can make a big difference in how many people see your content. 

So, make sure your videos are crisp and clear by using a high-quality camera, or even by upgrading your equipment if necessary. Trust me, it'll be worth it when your views start to climb!

Add sound

Here's another pro tip: always include sound in your videos. 

Whether it's a catchy song, a voiceover, or just your own narration, incorporating audio can make a huge difference. 

In fact, videos with any kind of audio tend to get more impressions than those without it. 

And get this: more than 93% of the top-performing TikToks use audio.

So, if you're serious about increasing your TikTok presence, make sure you're using sound to your advantage!

Speaking of music, 68% of Tiktokers say they remember the brand more if it features a song they like in its videos.

Include captions

Also, consider adding captions or text on screen.

TikToks that include closed captions or text with a clear call-to-action (CTA) have seen a significant lift in impressions - up to 55.7%! 

By doing that, you can guide them towards taking the desired action while making your content more accessible to a wider audience. 

And what about the ideal length of a TikTok video?

25% of the best performing videos are between 21 and 34 seconds long and, on average, increase impressions by 1.6%.

Check this extensive article to know best days and times to post on TikTok (it summarizes the latest studies on the subject).

Statistics about TikTok for businesses

The huge potentiel of TikTok ad reach

If you're looking for a platform to get your brand in front of a massive audience, TikTok might just be the answer. 

With each ad having the potential to reach 1.05 billion people, that's a staggering 13.1% of the world's population and 20.4% of internet users worldwide! 

Don't miss out on the chance to share your products or services with a global audience on one of the world's fastest-growing social media platforms.

Statistics about TikTok ads audience
Statistics about TikTok ads audience 

But even more interesting is that some countries stand out from the others in terms of TikTok's reach among the adult population. 

The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Iraq are the top 5 countries where TikTok ads reach the largest share of people aged 18 and older.

Statistics about TikTok ad reach rate across countries
Statistics about TikTok ad reach rate across countries

TikTok brings trust, credibility and sales.

Okay, so TikTok has the potential to get you in front of a lot of potential customers.

According to recent studies, over half of TikTok users and two-thirds of creators report feeling closer to brands that they see on the app, especially when the content is human and not polished. 

So, don't be afraid to show your brand's personality and embrace the platform's unique style. 

56% of TikTok users and 67% of TikTok creators feel closer to brands they see on TikTok
Statistics from TikTok newsroom

And the cherry on top?

74% of TikTok users have stated that they've been influenced by the platform's advertising or promotional content when making purchase decisions.

How to shoot your TikTok videos ?

Now, you’re convinced ?

If you're looking to showcase your products on TikTok, remember that users appreciate a variety of different settings and angles.

In fact, TikToks with varied scenes see a 40.6% lift in impressions compared to videos that feature just one person on screen selling the product without any B-roll or transition footage. 

So don't be afraid to switch up the camera angles and get creative with your product shots! Your viewers will thank you for it, and you'll likely see an increase in engagement as a result.

If you're using TikTok to promote a seasonal deal or discount code, it's important to make sure it doesn't go unnoticed. 

You can't just mention it in passing and expect your audience to jump on board. 

TikToks that showcase a person specifically highlighting an offer have been shown to receive a whopping 67.4% increase in impressions. 

So, when it comes to promoting your brand on TikTok, don't be shy about putting your best offers out there!

With a little creativity and effort, you can make sure your audience doesn't miss out on what you have to offer.

What about TikTok branded hashtag challenges ?

Branded Hashtag Challenges (BHC) on TikTok are bringing about a major shift in the advertising industry.

It is taking advantage of the users' inclination to showcase their creative side, altering the way companies engage with their customers.

They have converted consumers from being mere spectators to active contributors.

With the potential to feature your brand at the forefront of popular trends and turning your intended audience into collaborators, influencers, customers, and brand ambassadors, the BHC is a powerful marketing tool.

Additionally, compared to other platforms, participating in a Branded Hashtag Challenge on TikTok is less challenging since users can remix sounds and actions directly from other users' posts. The entire culture of TikTok revolves around this idea. 

This simplicity translates into an unmatched median engagement rate of 17.5% for branded hashtag challenges on TikTok.

Statistics about TikTok all-time records

What are the top 10 most followed accounts? 

  1. Khabane Lame (153 900 000 followers)
  2. Charli D’amelio (149 400 000 followers)
  3. Bella Poarch (92 700 000 followers)
  4. Addison Rae (88 900 000 followers)
  5. Will Smith (73 000 000 followers)
  6. Zach King (72 400 000 followers)
  7. Kimberly Loaiza (71 400 000 followers)
  8. MrBeast (68 500 000 followers)
  9. TikTok (66 900 000 followers)
  10. Burak Ozdemir (66 800 000 followers)
Statistics on the most popular TikTok accounts
Statistics on the most popular TikTok accounts

What is the most liked TikTok video?

It's none other than this Bella Poarch's video, which gained over 60 million likes (still counting! 

Bella mimics along to the British icon, Millie B, and the world fell in love with it. 

What is the most most viewed TikTok video ?

Are you ever been on TikTok? If yes, then you’ve probably seen Zach King’s Harry Potter-themed video that broke the record for the most viewed TikTok video ever. 

The video features Zach riding a broomstick through the streets, performing his signature magic tricks and leaving viewers spellbound. 

With an incredible 2.1 billion views, it’s not hard to see why it’s considered one of the most iconic TikToks of all time.

In fact, it’s become so popular that it’s believed to be one of the first videos shown to new users on the app.

@zachking They rejected my application to Hogwarts but I still found a way to be a wizard. 🧹#illusion #magic #harrypotter ♬ Zach Kings Magic Broomstick - Zach King

As you can see, TikTok is a powerful platform that allows brands to connect with a massive audience. 

From the potential reach of millions of people in each country, to the positive effect of ads on users' purchasing decisions, statistics show that TikTok is a reality to be reckoned with in marketing.

By staying on top of the latest data and trends, you'll make TikTok a great way to increase your brand's visibility and engagement, and open up a whole new world of marketing opportunities.

So what are you waiting for?

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