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How WeMoms doubled their number of reviews collected in less than one month?

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WeMoms is a mobile application that brings together over 2 million members with a common focus: motherhood. Mothers and expectant mothers come together on the platform to exchange, ask and answer questions, share their experiences, and provide testimonials. Developing a community-led growth approach is therefore ideal for WeMoms. The main goal of this program is to give a voice to WeMoms users so they can share their experiences through reviews and content, which has allowed WeMoms to improve the quality of traffic, conversion rates, and thus the cost per installation.


Collecting reviews is a priority when you want to continue acquiring users for a mobile application.

Engaging users to turn them into a growth engine.

As a mobile application looking to take things to the next level, WeMoms was searching for a solution to engage its community. After discussions with our teams, it became clear that Loyoly was the perfect solution for collecting reviews across all platforms. Additionally, WeMoms saw the opportunity to enhance its reputation by being recommended by its users on social media.


Implementing a reward system to incentivize users.

Offer exclusive missions to earn points by leaving reviews and engaging on social media.

Through Loyoly, WeMoms was able to capitalize on both the application users and their Facebook/Instagram community to generate authentic word-of-mouth. The team implemented dedicated missions for generating customer reviews (with an average 4.7*) that turned into User-Generated Content (UGC), as well as rewards that could be claimed once the ambassadors had accumulated enough points. These rewards helped maximize ambassador loyalty.

"Thanks to Loyoly, we've engaged our community. We were able to reuse the content in our advertising and divide our acquisition costs by 2."

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